Lent and the Blessing of God

As you know, we are in the season of Lent.  Lent has had some bad press because it seems only to be about giving up arbitrary things we like, such as chocolate, for example.  But this is far from the truth!   Lent is not negatively getting rid of good things but positively making room for greater blessings from God.  You see, we Christians get so tied up in work, social media, gaming, sports, even home life, that we don’t make time for God and lose out on His benefits.
From this perspective, the season of Lent is not about giving up sweets for a few weeks, but for letting go of distractions that are getting in the way of a deep and deepening relationship with God.  While we may choose to give up something we like, we are really letting go of something which interferes with our relationship with God or spending time with Him.
For this Lent, I am giving up my cell-phone.  Yes, you read that right – my cell-phone!
While my cell-phone is a great tool, it is also a great distraction.
What is getting in the way of your having a growing relationship with God? What is getting in the way of His blessings being manifest in your life?  I encourage you to discover one of those “blessing blockers” and let it go it for Lent and in the process discover how God will bless you when you focus on Him!

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