Being Part of a Team

A trend of this generation is individuals desiring and straining to be more successful than their peers in every area of life.  People want to rise above others, using others as benchmarks for their success no matter what the field under examination.  The best job, the best house, the best education, the best marks, the best kids, the best spouse – and on and on it goes.

Not only is this is an untenable way of living in the long term, but it’s also unbiblical!  We need others, we need faithful, God-honouring, Holy Spirit empowered people teaming up with us – not competing with us to be the best individual, but to be the best team.  We need brothers and sisters in Christ to bring their spiritual gifts into concert with our spiritual gifts to the glory of God.

The problems and challenges that face the Church of Jesus Christ cannot and will not be met or solved by lone individuals.  The difficulties of today and those of the future require greater cooperation than ever.  I believe that there is no better group of people to facilitate cross-border, cross-cultural solutions than Christians who have already discovered how to work together for the glory of God regardless of outward differences.

So then, your Christian community is your training ground – go find a place to serve and serve with everything you have!

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